INSIGHT HEART, an expedition to the human heart. We are one of the first companies worldwide launching an app for mixed reality medical education.
Within INSIGHT HEART a virtual companion named „ANI“ guides you through the functions of the heart with her friendly voice. You control the app via gestures or voice control. An incredibly intuitive way to explore the human heart on the new Microsoft HoloLens. You can zoom, rotate and scale a high-resolution heart hologram floating in front of you while experiencing the heartbeat in real time. Impressive visual effects of myocardial infarction, arterial hypertension and atrial fibrillation enrich this immersive experience.




“Medical students will certainly be stunned when they take a look at this app. It’s an amazing way to deliver medical education, We’re sure of it. It really feels like the guys at ANIMA RES did their homework.”
-Augmented Reality in Medicine


“Forget the amazing model of the human heart – the menu and user interface on this interactive demo is the best we’ve seen. Gorgeous, clear menu and help screen, augmented by a friendly voice gently guiding the user, make the experience outstanding.”


“Insight Heart is incredible! I hope medical institutions start using it! The Potential is endless. Definitely very MEDspiring.”


“…oh my god, this is amazing…we as med-students are so used to looking at 2D text or writing an essay…now anybody can learn…so here in my living room I can learn the anatomy of this heart in three dimensions…this is the way I dreamed of learning anatomy…this is democratization of education…”